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VIDEO | Landmark law that tackles violence against women celebrates anniversary

Also: Bolsonaro admits using forged document and a strike against the administrative reform bill

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Named after a brazilian activist, the Maria da Penha law is an international reference
Named after a brazilian activist, the Maria da Penha law is an international reference - Foto: Divulgação

Maria da Penha is a brazilian biopharmacist and was victim of domestic violence by her husband. She fought for years in courts to bring justice to her aggressor and her struggle was used to form a bill that carries her name. The Maria da Penha bill, or Brazil's Federal Law 11.340, is an international landmark on the fight against gender based violence and now celebrates its 15th year anniversary.

Acording to Teresa Leitão, a workers party (PT) state deputy in the state of Pernambuco, the Maria da Penha bill "helped women to recognize something that happens to them. The law was very emblematic because it is named after a woman who was attacked, almost murdered, a woman who reacted and showed her pain. So, I think this stimulated and gave courage to many women to follow Maria da Penha's example."

However, violence against woman numbers are still high. According to the Brazilian Public Safety Forum, every two minutes, a woman is victim of this type of violence in Brazil. With the pandemic, those number rose even more.

Also on this week’s program: the brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro, confessed using fake documents which wrongly indicated an over notification of deaths from covid-19 and the publics servants protests against an administrative reform.

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