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VIDEO | Brazilian remembers the military invasion of a University in 1968

To the Army, UnB represented a brand-new project of education contrary to the regime’s interests

São Paulo (SP) |
"The younger generation has very limited access to these stories of repression and resistance", says the historian Paula Franco - UnB TV

The dictatorship in Brazil lasted from 1964 until 1985. The toughest period of the regime started in 1968. It was in that year that the invasion of the University of Brasília (UnB) campus happened, which resulted in hundreds of students, professors and politicians being beaten.

Behind the violent military invasion of UnB, there was the fighting against the student movement, which was booming at that time across the country.

"It was a very brutal invasion with intense repression by military personnel and many shots. An undergraduate student was shot, and sixty people were arrested", says Sônia Hypólito, a 22 years old geology student when the invasion happened.

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Edited by: Arturo Hartmann