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VIDEO | 300 families are at risk of eviction in São Paulo after state government veto

Also: Congressional bill seeks to ban gene-modified wheat and Bolsonaro's push for physical ballots

São Paulo (SP) |
Jardim das Gaivotas is under threat of eviction - Vitor Shimomura

The São Paulo State Government vetoed a bill that suspended repossessions during the covid-19 pandemic. Now, around 300 families are at risk of being forced to leave their houses at Jardim Gaivotas, in the southern part of São Paulo. Many of those families live in the area for more than three decades.

The bill that prevents evictions was approved by São Paulo's Legislative Assembly more than a month ago. However, João Doria, current Governor of the São Paulo state, vetoed the project. And São Paulo City Hall claims that Jardim Gaivotas may jeopardize a project that seeks to recover springs and dams in the region.

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On this week’s program, we also have information about a a legislative proposal wants to forbid the planting and marketing of transgenic wheat in Brazil and the Chamber of Deputies decision to reject the return of printed ballots in elections. Without any kind of proof, the president Jair Bolsonaro claims that the brazilian electoral system can be rigged and is an advocate of the return of physical ballots.

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