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VIDEO | Social movements demand the extention of evictions suspension

Almost one hundred and ninety thousand Brazilian families are at risk of being removed

Brasil de Fato | São Paulo (SP) |
Families in SP occupation fear eviction with expiration of the Supreme Court decision - AFP

During the pandemic in Brazil, the Supreme Federal Court granted an injunction to suspend eviction orders in the country. However, since October 31 the decision is not into force anymore. Social movements made pressure to extend for sis months, but one of the Court’s Ministers, Luis Roberto Barroso, did not answer the request.

Also on What’s Happening in Brazil: in São Paulo, Brazil’s largest city, an initiative seeks to give hope through art, healthy food, and community feelings in the low-income areas. With murals, workshops, and graffiti, the Imargem Group is attempting to attract eyes to a region unattended by public power.

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