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VIDEO | Canadian mining dam collapse contaminates Brazilian waters

Residents of northeast Brazil denounce difficulty in accessing drinking water after Equinox Gold accident

São Paulo (SP) |
Demonstration for drinking water on the road that connects Aurizona and Godofredo Viana - Ascom/MAB

In March 2021, about four thousand residents of the Aurizona district in the city of Godofredo Viana, Maranhão state, had their water supply interrupted due to the break of a dam of the Canadian group Equinox Gold, one of the biggest of its kind in the world.

Technical reports presented by the Movement of People Affected by Dams (MAB) point out metal contamination with toxic potential in the water of Aurizona. After intense protests, the court ordered the Canadian company to provide drinking water until the full reestablishment of the water supply. For now, residents are receiving water in gallons or water trucks.

"Our lake was not only a water source but also a source of food since many mothers used to fish there. When the dam broke, it affected the water supply and also men’s canoes, boats, motorboats, and nets, which were gone. Due to this burst, family men had no means of work", says the Aurizona resident Daiane Lima.

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