Landless Workers’ Movement sends first shipment with 2 tons of food to Gaza; the movement intends to send 100 tons

Airplanes of the Brazilian Air Force sent rice, corn flour and milk; there is more food waiting to be sent

Translated by: Ana Paula Rocha

Brasil de Fato | Rio de Janeiro (RJ) |
Primeira carga de alimentos foi enviada nseta segunda-feira (30) - Yuri Gringo

The Landless Workers’ Movement (MST, in Portuguese) sent two tons of food to the victims of the humanitarian crisis caused by recent Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip. The movement intends to send even more food. 

On Monday (30), the first shipment left Brazil in Brazilian Air Force airplanes with rice, corn flour and milk produced by rural families. Other products are ready to be shipped.

“Together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which worked intensively to guarantee the first shipment, we will continue to send other tons of food. Our goal is to reach 100 tons of food donated by agrarian reform families to the people of Gaza,” highlighted Cassia Bechara, a member of the national directory of MST.

MST’s families from all around the country engaged in the solidarity action. Among the food products sent on Monday, there were, for instance, Terra Viva milk, produced by Cooperoeste (Santa Catarina state); rice from the Terra Livre Cooperative and Cooperavi (both from Rio Grande do Sul state); and corn flour from Terra Conquistada, in Ceará state. 

“All the landless families are working in solidarity with the people of Palestine and the victims of Gaza, both by donating food and developing many activities, such as acts and protests,” said Bechara. 

The movement is also part of international campaigns to raise funds for farmer families in Gaza, organized by the Palestine Agricultural Workers Union, one of the organizations of the International Via Campesina. The MST demands the urgent establishment of a humanitarian aid corridor towards Gaza. 

“Those who are not dying due to the bombardments are at risk of dying of hunger, lack of drinkable water and food. Right now, the top priority is to demand a cease-fire and show solidarity to the people of Gaza”, Bechara added. 

Edited by: Nadini Lopes e Rodrigo Durão Coelho