VIDEO | Brazil's Independence Day to be marked by anti-democratic protests led by Bolsonaro

He is calling his supporters to the streets again to question the Brazilian electoral system

São Paulo |
The electoral campaign has started with the candidates' agenda in São Paulo and Minas Gerais - TV Brasil

On September 7th, it's celebrated Brazil’s independence. Last year, the day was marked by anti-democratic protests, headed by president Jair Bolsonaro himself. This year, he promises to take his supporters to the streets again to question the Brazilian electoral system.

Just as in 2021, this year’s presidential statements will probably be full of attacks against the ministers of the Supreme Federal Court, especially Edson Fachin and Alexandre de Moraes, constant targets of Bolsonaro’s rhetoric against the Brazilian electoral system.


Bolsonaro has attacked Brazil’s electronic voting machines as fraudulent, despite virtually no evidence.

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Edited by: Thales Schmidt